Bitcoin mining is very entertaining and profitable when you have a low cost electricity, a reliable Bitcoin mining machine and efficient Bitcoin mining hardware.

You can always have a choice not to pursue Bitcoin mining or the other way around considering that you are aware of what you are taking in and the risk of doing so with the extent of your capacity also. If you don't push on mining Bitcoin then try the easiest way to acquire it by buying Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Definition of ASIC Bitcoin Miner

To be honest, there is hardship on doing the mining nowadays using your computer. Thanks to ASIC, a specialized mining hardware to help you do the job.

The original intention of Bitcoin creator Satoshi is for computer CPU be able to mine those Bitcoins. On the other hand, miners of Bitcoins find an idea that by using graphic cards they can get ore hashing power from it. ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuits then surpass the Graphic cards.

For the time being, all stuffs on Bitcoin mining were being done by ASIC as dedicated mining hardware of Bitcoin. It usually placed in a thermally-regulated place like data centers and having a low price electricity. Just view in mind that ASIC or Application Integrated Circuits are specialized computers to mine BTC or machines of mining BTC or called Bitcoin generators.

Don't be confused, there is a mining hardware of Bitcoins that mines Bitcoin and there are also hardware wallets for Bitcoins to store your coins.

Finding Best Bitcoin Miner

These are the things needed in order for you to be able to find the best BTC mining ASIC to purchase :

Price - How much is the cost of your Bitcoin miner? Cheaper Bitcoin mining hardware will be mining low figures of Bitcoin and in contrary to that, if the price is higher then that Bitcoin mining hardware is way faster than the first. That is why it is important to know the price of efficiency and usage of electricity to narrow down which suits you best.

Hash rate – How many hashes per second can the Bitcoin miner make? More hashes cost more, which is why efficiency is crucial.

Efficiency – You’ll want to buy the most efficient bitcoin mining hardware possible. Since miners use a large amount of electricity, you want to buy one that converts the most amount of electricity into bitcoins.

Buying Used BTC Mining Hardware

If you want to purchase second-hand Bitcoin mining hardware, you can check them on eBay and yes they are available. You will be able to find better and good prices in there.

eBay will take care of your insurance that you will b e getting a working product. If the seller is generous enough then you can have other inclusion also on your purchase.

I highly recommend to buy the Antminer S9 or the Antminer S7.

There is a tool that you can use to check your possible profits gain and it is called Bitcoin mining calculator. It will be able to determined your approximate return of investments and profit as well.

Double check on minding you electricity cost. In that way the more you are aware of its rate the more you know how much it affects your profitability.

Top Reliable Bitcoin Miners

High hashrate is the basis of good and efficient Bitcoin mining hardware. They are both important in the picture.

If you have a Bitcoin miner that is efficient then it means you saved much on the electricity cost. Here are some of the efficient miners :

  • Antminer S5
  • Antminer S7
  • Antminer S9
  • Avalon 6
  • SP20 Jackson
  • Antminer R4

Antminer S7 cost low compare to Avalon6 that has 0.29 Watts/GH. It is more efficient for having 0.25 Watts/GH. It also has 4.5 TH/s hash paower in comparison with 3.50 TH/s of Avalon6. Antminer S7 cost much less .

Clearly, Antminer S7 is way more better compare to the other miner and the efficiency is way more higher also. It is always available for purchase nowadays.

You can also check for Bitcoin mining companies that offers services for you to mine Bitcoins. In that way you can just seat and wait. Other than that, cloud mining for Bitcoins also exist so there are plenty of options out there.

Bitcoin Mining Companies

Bitmain - Bitmain is also operating for Bitcoin mining pool and it is a line between Antminer and the Bitcoin miners.

BitFury - This is the biggest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware as well as chips. Nevertheless, their hardware for Bitcoin mining isn't available for purchase.

Spondoolies Tech - This mining hardware manufacturer is based in Israel.

Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Aside from ASIC Bitcoin mining, you also need equipments for Bitcoin mining :

Power Supply - Rigs for Bitcoins needed this for efficiency of the Bitcoin mining activity.

Cooling Fans - This will prevent your Bitcoin hardware to stop working or overheat. This will serve as supporting actor for the Bitcoin mining hardware to work smoothly.

Bitcoin mining quipment are available in eBay.

BTC Mining With No Hardware

Technically, it is still possible to produce Bitcoin by mining without have dedicated hardware for mining. But you will have this very low earnings of Bitcoin per month. If you are planning to put it on your computer, it could just break your system down without returns.

Unless you are just wanted to see it for yourself how the process on Bitcoin mining is done, it is not worth. Your best option is to purchase a dedicated machine like the Antminer S9 or S7.

USB Bitcoin Miners

This method was once profitable in the sense that you are just using USB for your computer to be able to mine Bitcoins. Nowadays, this is not the best bet because USB miners don't have that much hash power to mine Bitcoin and get into profits.

However, if you are into USB Bitcoin mining, you can see a lot of options in eBay as well as detailed information on how to start in it. There is also a page on our site for you to check and learn about it.